Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: The Halo by Halo Hair Extensions (Guide for Shorter Haired Girls!)

I was so excited when this came in the post, I've had my eye on it for ages, The Halo is one long  quadrupled wefted hair piece held on your head by the 'Miracle Wire' a transparent strong and sturdy wire (I pulled and yanked the extra wire like crazy and it just wasn't giving at all) 

The Shade I got was Dark Brown (#2) but it was slightly lighter than my hard to match hair, so I used Clairol Nice & Easy Temporary Hair Dye (Dark Brown) as it has no peroxide in it and i don't want to damage the extensions, doing this gave me my perfect colour. 

Now at the moment yes, my hair is too short to blend effortlessly with the halo but this is how I make the halo work for me: 

I grab a few layers of my natural hair and the halo from both sides and twist them together to the back to create a half up half down look that hides my natural hair line at the back so all you can see is the halo.

clipped in, I think I might buy a nice flower clip or something to cover up the kirby grip mess! haha

Now as you can see I have a few subtle highlights in my natural hair, I think I will wait until my hair is long enough to blend in with the halo properly and then go to the salon and get them to put some in properly, I wouldn't dare put some in myself. 

No makeup sorry! but the hair makes up for it!

 Another way of styling the halo with short hair is to wear it to one side and clipping the shorter bits to the back, I like leaving a few layers down so frame my face.

The Quality of the Halo is 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, after washing the halo (from dyeing it) I found it dried EXACTLY like my own hair wavy with a slight curl, which will be great when my hair grows into the halo, the feel of the hair itself is lovely, it took me a while to fiddle with adjusting the wire to my head as the box doesn't come with a guide to adjusting it only comes with a guide to putting it in which I find is pretty self explanatory. 

This is what it looks like before you flick your hair over the top of it to hide the weft (above image)

I use a makeup spatula as it's the only thing I have with a (sort of) pointy end, it works really well to be honest. 

Pulling the hair over the halo
done! now repeat step all around your head until it covers! I use a brush after to smooth it down. 

Over all I think this is a great product for those that can't be bothered with the faff of clip ins and want a fast, comfortable solution. the wire is very comfortable and very secure, as I have short hair the sensation of having long hair took me a while to get used to but over all love and totally recommend! 

I got mine at as they have an all year round £15 off offer on all halos, they have great customer service and next day delivery if you order before 2pm! They also have an online chat service to talk to an advisor on your perfect halo! 

20" Halo £99.99 £84.99 on!
16" Halo £79.99 £74.99 on!

Don't pay more than you have to, as Halo Extensions say: Every girl deserves a halo! 


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June said...

The company sent me a faulty piece. The hair was bad quality with broken hair all over. I asked for a refund and all they say is the item will be returned to you. Terrible company do not deal with them. Please they are ruthless

Liz said...

June your experience must've been a one-off! My friends and I ordered haloes and every single one of us has had great experience with the company's service. Thanks for the review, Natalie-we all appreciated it :)

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